SHIP-PAQ is a complete in-house custom converter of tapes and flexible packaging supplies.  Our capabilities allow us to service your applications without delays from other sources due to special order or normal lead time requirements.

Our converting machinery gives us the ability to cut, slit, perforate or sheet a variety of products including but not limited to tape, bubble, and foam.

These capabilities are available in-house to provide SHIP-PAQ customers with the first-class service they have come to expect.


Slitting is the conversion process that cuts (or slices) wide rolls, or logs, into thinner pieces. SHIP-PAQ offers "slit to width" capabilities for customers seeking custom width rolls of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes. We can convert your adhesive tape into rolls that meet your customized requirements. The logs of tape may vary in length, so you are able to design the most appropriate length and width for your application needs. We offer high-yield, low-scrap tape slitting of roll goods on 3" cores. Depending on the product, rolls of tape may be slit to as narrow as 1/4" inch width, up to 60" width.


Sheeting is the process of converting a flexible material into flat, individual pieces that are stacked or bundled rather than stored or dispensed in roll form. In production, material is first cut to a custom width and is then cut and sheeted to the desired length, allowing the customer to specify custom dimensions. SHIP-PAQ can sheet bubble and foam products in house starting at 6" x 6".

Cutting and Perfing:

SHIP-PAQ offers custom cutting and perforating of polyethylene foam and bubble packaging to meet each customer’s individual needs. Our precision equipment and highly skilled staff allow us to cut and perforate bubble and polyethylene foam in increments of 6" and larger.