Case sealers offer cost-cutting and consistent box sealing technology giving you the ability to manage the amount of tape used and the amount of time spent to seal a box. Below are some popular case sealer options. Contact us at 1-800-548-7447 to discuss your case sealer needs.  Below are some of the more popular machines we feature.

RSA 2024-SB Random Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

This Interpack RSA 2024 side belt case sealer does a great job of sealing boxes of different sizes. It is a variable box sealing machine, also known as a random case sealer, that adjusts on demand to the different sized boxes and seals them without any human interaction. This unique variable box sealing machine has a very good range of boxes that it can process. A specially engineered digital pneumatic system retracts the top tape head after each box, which increases speed and efficiency. Pneumatics also feed an indexing gate that keeps boxes in the best position possible to facilitate a smooth sealing process. Side belt driven case sealers are the preferred belt type for narrower, under filled, and lighter boxes.

RSA 2024-TB Random Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

This Interpack 2024 random taper automatically adjusts on the fly to tape boxes of all sizes. The top and bottom belt drives, along with the side roller guides make sure your packages get pulled through the tape heads evenly, for a nice consistent taping application. This configuration gives you the highest amount of stability as it puts the force in the direction that is most durable for the box (the direction of the cardboard is fluted in). This not only contributes to a better box overall, but a better seal from the machine length tape that is being applied.

USA 20-B Uniform Semi-Automatic Bottom Only Case Sealer

The primary function of this bottom box sealing machine from Interpack is to prepare a box for filling along the production line. Once the box has been run through this machine and the bottom flaps are taped with a carton sealing tape it is then pushed out and down the line for packing. The carton bottom sealing machine is one of our uniform case sealers that can also be used to tape boxes on the bottom and have a worker transfer them to individual packing areas.

USA 2024-SB Uniform Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

The Interpack 2024 side belt sealer is part of the USA series from Intertape. As part of the complete selection of Uniform Case Sealers, the Interpack side belt sealer is an adjustable and operator fed machine that processes same sized standard cases. Every Interpack case sealer comes with 2 of Intertape's Standard Intertape Tape Heads with adaptive technology to provide optimal application of all types of 2 inch x 1500 yd Clear Packing Tape. When you compare features, benefits and value, Case Sealers like the Interpack side belt sealer are the right choice for operators, plant engineers, maintenance and purchasing agents who want the biggest bang for their buck.

USA 2324-TB Uniform Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

The Interpack 2324 top and bottom belt drive carton taper meets the industry standard for high end production facilities. As part of our complete selection of Uniform Case Sealers, the Interpack 2324 taper is unsurpassed next to the competition with standard features like 3 wheel top squeezers and a ½ HP motor. With an excellent variety of accepted box sizes and powerful drive motor, this piece of box sealing technology is perfect for constant, 24/7 production applications. The Interpack top and bottom belt drive carton taper is also compatible with all of our Machine Carton Sealing Tape.

RSA 2024-WAT Random Semi-Automatic WAT Case Sealer

It is widely acknowledged that a case sealed with water activated tape has the most secure closure. Due to changes in the corrugated industry, the need for a bond that will stick to high-recycled content corrugate to provide a more secure closure has created a demand for an automated water activated case sealer. Through innovation and technology, Interpack™ has developed a water-activated case sealer that addresses all the previous unfulfilled needs of the market. Now, closing cartons with water-activated tape can be faster and easier than ever before. RSA series case sealers automatically adjust for each size Regular Slotted Container (RSC) processed. When manufacturing produces different sized cases to be processed with water-activated tape through a single case sealer, an Interpack random case sealer is your answer.