As your trusted strapping machine supplier, we offer a full line of machines designed to enhance efficiency for both plastic and polyester strapping. Not only do we offer Semi-Automatic and Automatic banding machines for a variety of arch and strap sizes, we also offer a variety of Battery Powered and Pneumatic tools suitable for almost all applications in various industries. For more information or to request a quote please contact 1-800-548-7447.  Below are some of the more popular machines we feature.

PSM1412-IC3A Strapping Machine

Designed for general purpose semi-automatic strapping. An economically priced, highly reliable machine perfect for the occasional user. Used for general purpose packaging reinforcement, bundling, carton closing and strapping. Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

P328/P329 Battery Powered Strapping Tools

Utilize the latest in strapping technology. These tools cover a wide range of strapping widths and tension levels to cover a broad spectrum of applications. Used for general purpose applications for flat packages or pallets with polypropylene and polyester strapping.

SM65 Strapping Machine

The best value available in today’s marketplace for strapping machines. It is lightning fast at 65 straps per minute. Available in several different arch and strap sizes for a broad range of applications. Common applications include bundling, sealing packages, reinforcing, postal bundling, food packing, binding lumber and millwork.

SM60 Side Seal Strapping Machine

Designed for tough applications, the side mounted strapping head keeps moisture and debris away from the strapping head. The SM60 is the fastest side seal on the market at 60 straps per minute. The SM60 applications include packaging and bundling, lumber industries, food industries and pharmaceutical industries.